element (plural elements)

  1. (chemistry) Any one of the simplest chemical substances that cannot be decomposed in a chemical reaction or by any chemical means and made up of atoms all having the same number of protons.
  2. One of the four basic building blocks of matter in theories of ancient philosophers and alchemists: water, earth, fire, and air.
  3. Something small.
    an element of doubt
  4. A place or state of being that an individual or object is better suited towards.
    be in one"s own element
  5. (law) A necessary aspect or component of an action to be considered a certain type of crime by law.
  6. (set theory) One of the objects in a set.
  7. A group of people within a larger group having a particular common characteristic.
    You sometimes find the hooligan element at football matches.
  8. A component in electrical equipment, often in the form of a coil, having a high resistance, thereby generating heat when a current is passed through it.
    The element in this electric kettle can heat the water in under a minute.


  • (in chemistry): chemical element
  • (in set theory): member

7 letters in word "element": E E E L M N T.

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ee eel een el elm elmen elt em eme en ene et eten lee leet leme lent let me meet mel melee melt men mene ment mentee met mete ne nee neele neem net nete te tee teel teem teen teene tel tele teme temene ten tene